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“Igniting Church Vitality In Your Community” with Ross Allen

Canada needs the Church.  But we often don’t know how to express ourselves effectively when it’s time to reach out to our communities.  We assume everyone understands our purpose and language and we create confusion when we communicate to those outside our church family.  Often we are unclear within our own walls as to our purpose.  This session will explore a fresh approach for senior pastors to rediscover what makes their church and their calling extraordinarily necessary in their community.  Ross’ pragmatic approach to refocusing will also allow pastors to strip away some of the complexities that surrounds the work of a church.

Ross has run a management consulting company for over 30 years where he specializes in helping technology companies take advantage of constantly changing market places.  He has recently shifted his focus to working with senior pastors and their churches.  His methods are always hands-on and intimate.  He has found that the elements that fuel a senior pastor’s ability to inspire others have always been present; they just needs a way of being rediscovered and given a new voice.