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Transformative Discipleship with Sid Koop

Discipling the next generation in today's youth culture can seem like a daunting task.  In many ways, the soup our kids swim in seems more complex, and with cultural values shifting faster than any other time we have experienced.  However, we are not without hope. Christ has called us to a time such as this. In our session, we will look at some of the latest research and, more importantly, the Scriptures to remind us of a few foundations that we must continue to stand on if we are going to pass on the faith to the students God has placed in our care.

Sid Koop has been involved in full-time youth ministry for over 19 years. He is currently serving as the Executive Director of Truth Matters Ministries.  Truth Matters runs 7 youth worker training conferences across Canada each year under the title "Canadian Youth Workers Conference". Sid also speaks to students, equips youth workers and informs parents at various events across Canada. He has a master’s degree in Youth and Family Ministries and is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry in Emerging Generations at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.