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Expanding Your Global Footprint with our BCYD Missions Committee with Murray Cornelius

It would be the hope that every leader and church within our district is flourishing in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of earth partnerships and influence.  A mission-minded and mission-practicing people walk near to the heart of God and live out the plan that God has for every Christ follower and congregation.

During this workshop you will hear practical “boots on the ground” teaching from BCYD leaders who are having an impact globally through the initiatives of their local church. You will hear that this is not a complicated process, but requires commitment to some core practices to see it develop. 

Our District Missions Committee serves our credential holders, district churches and global workers who reference the BCYD as their home district.  This committee works catalytically by “promoting the message of missions, pastoring the people of missions and proclaiming the importance of missions.”