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The Challenge of ‘Church Kids’ with Marv Penner

They’ve been there.  They’ve done that. They’ve heard it all before.  Not only do they know all the right answers, they could be running the show.  Perhaps the greatest challenge we face in our churches today is to stimulate spiritual growth in kids who are "too familiar" with the gospel.  Some are callused, some are bored, many are living with the second-hand faith of their parents, and most are tired of the pat answer they’ve been hearing.  Marv will help you understand what’s going on in the hearts of churched kids.  We’ll explore strategies for helping parents help their kids.  Along with providing some proven apathy busters, Marv will give you a new perspective on how your relationships with these church basement veterans can be exciting again. This workshop will be helpful for parents, youth workers, mentors, small group leaders, Christian school teachers and anyone else who is privileged enough to work with young people who have it all in their heads, but who haven’t yet let it touch their hearts.

Marv is the Executive Director of The Coalition for Youth Ministry Excellence and the Canadian Adolescent Pulse Network.  He is a veteran youth worker and a registered clinical counsellor who has given his life to serving the next generation. Marv and his wife, Lois, live in Lake Country, BC and have three children and five grandkids.