Our next District Conference is coming soon to Evangel Church in the beautiful city of Kelowna. We are so grateful to Pastor Will Sohnchen and the Evangel team for hosting our gathering in 2018. We have invited some great plenary speakers to stimulate our thinking around the missional priority of Multiplication. Our speakers next year will include: Jenni Colwell (Family Life Pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Burlington), Carey Nieuwhof (Founding Pastor of a multi-site Church near Toronto called Connexus), and Junie Josue (Planting Pastor of the International Worship Centre in Winnipeg).


A list of hotels for District Conference can be found here. Please make your own arrangements with the hotel of your choice and state the corresponding group name to receive the discounted hotel rate. Rates and rooms are based on availability. Make your reservations early, to ensure your rooms are at the quoted prices.


Should you require subsidy assistance, visit our online application or contact our office for more information. The deadline to apply is February 19, 2018.


We encourage you to PRE-REGISTER for District Conference here, OR you may return a printed registration form with your cheque or credit card number. Breakfast and lunch are guaranteed to pre-registrants and may be provided to post-registrants as quantities permit (we are unable to accommodate any food restrictions or allergies). Also, the first 275 pre-registrants/couples will receive either of Carey Nieuwhof’s books, “Lasting Impact”, or “Leading Change Without Losing It”. For your convenience, the Registration Desk will be open on Monday, March 5, 2018 from 3:00pm - 5:30pm, and 6:45pm at Evangel Chuch, Kelowna.

Food allergies: please note that we are unable to accommodate any food restrictions or allergies and encourage you to plan accordingly

We look forward to a good representation of Lay Delegates at District Conference. According to our Constitution and Bylaws: “Each assembly having been set in order, shall have the right to representation in the District Conference meetings by lay delegates. Representation shall be based on the membership of the assembly. Those assemblies having a membership of 50 or less shall be entitled to one lay delegate.

Assemblies having a membership of between 51 and 100 shall be entitled to two lay delegates. Assemblies having a membership of more than 100 shall be entitled to one additional lay delegate for each additional 100 members.

Please Note:

·       Each lay delegate shall obtain an official letter from the Secretary of the Board of the local assembly, certifying his/her appointment to represent the assembly in the District Conference. This letter shall be presented to the Roster Committee of the District Conference while in session.”

·       Lay Preacher credential holders and non-credentialed spouses of pastoral staff members may attend with visitor status only. Credential holders and their spouses may not attend with Lay Delegate status.

May we remind you that if you have NOT renewed your Credentials, your right to be a voting member of District Conference is forfeited.